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RE: Just following the trend of questioning...[Humor] :o) - and more

Me thought that he t'were bout to name you "PRINTS of W(H)ALES" 
- But, that would not be Dinosaurian enough.

But whilst Knighthood be not upon thee - Night doth surely be upon us - 
(In American: Are you still up? - or just getting up? :-)   Me - I'm
still up).

TO make sure that the topic of dinosaurs is contained in this message,
and referring back some of the original posts:   Someone mentioned
syndactyly - I was wondering if Ray or other "trackies" had seen any
trackway evidence of it?

(Back in my day, we were called "Trekkers" - then came the "Trekkies",
now this!)

Allan Edels 

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Michael Skrepnick said:

    >*** and there came a time where upon we dubbed thee, and so thee we
. . not DUKE, nor EARL, nor in fact "DUKE OF EARL". . . but rather, a
most befitting of one with whom ichnology strikes an impression with
prospective step. . . henceforth he shall be known as . . . Ray

    To thee, gratitude Lord Chamberlain Michael!  Albeit by manner of
speech, methought there wast a knighthood coming!

    Yet aye, fit sooth, for so be it that by fine tracks of dinosaurs in
same day found, the difference hath fate compensated!

    Ray Stanford

"You know my method.  It is founded upon the observance of trifles." --
Sherlock Holmes in The Boscombe Valley Mystery