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Re: The Lost Dinosaurs Of Egypt

On Monday 03 June 2002 5:27 am, Julia Heathcote wrote:

>    German palaeontologist Ernst Stromer?s
>    legendary "lost" dinosaurs were four new species that
>    he unearthed in the remote western desert of Egypt in
>    the early 1900s, but were destroyed in the bombing of
>    Munich in the Second World War. 

I picked up the Time-Life Guide "Dinosaurs" for my kids this 
past week. When the budding herpetologist heard about 
the destruction of Stromer's finds during the war, he asked 
me what other discoveries Stromer had made that were lost. 
(We were reading the Spinosaurus entry, inspired by his 
younger brother's wardrobe.)

It's not in this book, but I told him I'd check here on the list. 
Any information gratefully accepted.