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Late Triassic Footprints with Reversed Hallux

Other than _Avialae_, are there any theropodan lineages likely to have had a
reversed hallux? _Noasauridae_ seem to have been doing strange things with
their pedes: the enlarged ?hyperextendable second pedal digit of _Noasaurus
leali_, the "anti-arctometatarsalian" pes of _Velocisaurus unicus_.... And
doesn't _V. unicus_ lack a first pedal digit?

Of course, _Noasauridae_ first appear in the fossil record even later the
_Avialae_ (or at least around the same time, if _Elaphrosaurus bambergi_ is
noasaurid as HP Mortimer suggests), but is it possible the prints might belong
to some other sort of small ceratosaur?

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