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Re: Paleontologists in Cinema Pt.3

In a message dated 7/1/02 1:02:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time, rob@dinodomain.com writes:

<< A question: We all know that Jack Horner has been involved in the movie biz,
and I just recently found out that Stephen Czerkas was the executive
producer on a 1976 film called Planet of the Dinosaurs...my question is:
Have any other noted paleontologists been involved in film (either in the
capacity of advisor, or some other offscreen thing, or an actual acting
Just a little trivia I'd be interested in knowing. Thanks in advance.>>

      Should also mention this. While working in his Berkeley studio on "Prehistoric Beast" and "Jurassic Park", Phil Tippett frequently consulted with the paleo folks from Berkeley and the California Academy of Sciences. If you have a copy of _The Making of Jurassic Park_by Don Shay and Jody Duncan, Ballantine Books, 1993, you'll find a great photo of Tippett with Mike Greenwald, Jacques Gauthier and Rob Long all holding fabulous dinosaur models on page 125. My pal Greenwald took me to the studio for a visit a few years earlier. We got to handle the animation models from "Prehistoric Beast"(one of the Deinonychus models had been turned into a weird flying reptile for the Ewok movie, "Return to Endor"), watched Randy Dutra work on the clay model for the monster in "The Golden Child", and looked at some odd models for a movie Tippett was begining work on called "RoboCop". Tippett and crew were extremely nice and I was lucky enough to see a b! us! ! t of Camarasaurus by Tippett that was really beautiful. Tippett was also an early collector of Doug Henderson's art. He's probably the most paleontologically involved of all the special effects artists. That visit to his studio was one of the greatest days of my life. I really hope he will able to do a dinosaur film again soon. DV