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Re: See! It's all because they changed Brontosaurus's name! ;-)

> >-B. McFeeters
> >
> >Are they really 300 million-years old?
> Well, I don't know, but I would suppose no.  Terrestrial vertebrate
fossils are very rare in the Carboniferous sediments of China (I take it
this happened in China?).  Even non-tetrapod vertebrate fossils from the
Carboniferous of China are quite rare, and I doubt anyone would confuse
"fish" fossils with those of dinosaurs, but who knows?
> Steve

*** Considering there were a small cluster of learned individuals who were
insisting not too long ago that Sinosauropteryx sported a fin / collagen
fibres (anything but feathers), the above is not that much of a stretch ;o)
! . . . and because these are lay people in China who commonly would use a
"broader" terminology, they can hardly be held accountable for their
generalist description of the fossil material.  Reportedly, during the
"supernatural" event, one of them cried out " Who gho'st there!!"

Mike Skrepnick