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RE: See! It's all because they changed Brontosaurus's name! ;-)

On Wed, 3 Jul 2002 17:00:22   
 Allan Edels wrote:
>The article is from the Bangkok Post:
>"It was the second such incident within a week at Pedan cave in Thung
>Yai district."
>As such, I expect that the incidents took place in Thailand, not China.
>I'd probably faint at finding a 300 mya dinosaur.  Then I'd brush the
>dust off, take out the picks, shovels, hammers, brushes, and start
>digging. :-)
>Of course, the reporter probably just assumed it was a dinosaur.  What
>else is big, old, and buried in some rock?  :-))

Ah, Bangkok.  I should have noticed.  Anyway, I believe the same poor 
Carboniferous fossil record exists in Thailand (and all of Southeast Asia) as 
well.  So, I would guess that the 300 mya date is erroneous.


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