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Re: Deinonychus restoration


Looks good, but (and this is a general question) why do I keep seeing dromaeosaurids reconstructed with long feathers only at the end of the tail?  I'd imagine they would have flat feathers sticking out to the sides for the whole length of the tail, as appears to be the case in _Archaeopteryx_, _Jurapteryx_ (if distinct from the former), _Microraptor_, and, IIRC, "Dave".
Yes, Dave also.
 I think it looks better that way.

Personally I don't see what's wrong, _Deinonychus_ is a larger species than these ones; IIRC there're no remains of large dromaeosaurs found with feather imprints, so IMHO each artist may choose what's most likely in his opinion.
The new "longfeathered" dromie shows long feathers mainly at the end of the tail if I see well.
Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.