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RE: Deinonychus restoration

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Nick Pharris (njpharris@aol.com) wrote:

<Looks good, but (and this is a general question) why do I keep seeing
dromaeosaurids reconstructed with long feathers only at the end of the
tail?  I'd imagine they would have flat feathers sticking out to the sides
for the whole length of the tail, as appears to be the case in
_Archaeopteryx_, _Jurapteryx_ (if distinct from the former),
_Microraptor_, and, IIRC, "Dave".>

  Truly pinnate features along the entire sides of the tail are known only
in the *Arechaeopteryx* complex among these taxa. In some taxa, a distal
"fan" is present, but otherwise, as in "Dave"/"Yulong" and
*Sinosauropteryx*, the tail is adorned only by a "sheath" of filaments.
Not pinnaecous ones. It is more parsimoniuous with the multitude of forms
with distal "fans" to propose that this is the condition more likely to
occur in other non-avian taxa.


Jaime A. Headden<<

Alls I'll say about this is wait and a book should be out very very soon
that will give more detail on this very subject. I was told about a month to
two months (not the Chiappe Bird book) at the beginning of last month. So
hopefully soon and when I find out I'll let the list know and how to get the
book. Color photo's, x-ray's, black light photo's the works...

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