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World focus on Aussie dinosaur * Earliest Land Walker * Largest dinosaur find in B.C. history * Bones and Non-Stinky Coprolites

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The headlines:

**  World focus on Aussie dinosaur
Palaeontologists from Queensland Museum this week announced they had
uncovered several significant bones at the Elliot dinosaur site near Winton
in the state's west as well as important plant life fossils

**  Fossil identified as earliest land walker
The creature's nearly complete fossil skeleton had lain, mislabelled as a
fish, in a Scottish museum since its discovery 31 years ago

**  College Students Find Dinosaurs In North Dakota
The fossilized remains of a champsosaurus, a crocodile-like animal that
lived in swamps and ponds 65 million years ago, and a petrified tree stump
that could only have existed in subtropical climates and swampy areas are
among the discoveries made

**  Dinosaurs' fossils found in Hyderabad
Zoologists of the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, have found 15 to 34 million
years old fossils of some body parts of dinosaurs/ mammals from Ganju Takar,
Hyderabad, and some body parts of mammals from Bolahri area


**  Largest dinosaur find in B.C. history unearthed
Palaeontologists have located the biggest find of dinosaur bones in
provincial history in a canyon in north-eastern B.C

**  A "Jurassic Park" advisor takes his batch of bones and non-stinky
coprolites on the road
The exhibit uses the very popular title films as a jumping-off point for
examining the pageantry of prehistoric life

**  Ancient bird-like footprints found
Palaeontologists believe birds evolved from small two-legged predatory
dinosaurs called theropods between five and ten million years before
Archaeopteryx lived, 155 million years ago

**  'Oldest' hard-shelled fossil
It gives researchers an insight into a period of Earth history just before
lifeforms on our planet are thought to have gone through many rapid changes

**  Amateur scientists have tested their own tenacity
The self-taught palaeontologist has become a leader in his field, and he now
shows up regularly as an expert on the Discovery Channel and National
Geographic specials.

**  25 million dollar Dinosphere exhibit
The complete 25 million dollar Dinosphere exhibit, opening in 2004, will
feature one of the largest displays of real juvenile and family dinosaur
fossils in the United States

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