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Re: (extinction)

David Marjanovic wrote-

> *Psittacosaurus mazongshanensis* a nomen dubium? Don't several museums,
> the Musée des Dinosaures in Espéraza, exhibit (casts of) complete
> (not mounted, but curled in situ) labelled with that name?

The holotype and only published specimen (IVPP V12165) consists of-
incomplete skull (rostral, partial premaxillae, incomplete maxilla, teeth,
fragmentary nasal, partial prefrontal, frontal, partial parietal,
postorbital, jugal, fragmentary squamosal, partial quadrates, braincase),
mandible, atlantal arch, axis, cervical vertebrae, cervical ribs, dorsal
vertebrae, dorsal ribs, sacral vertebrae, incomplete pectoral girdle,

Mickey Mortimer