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Re: The roaches shall inherit the earth (was RE: (extinction))

"Williams, Tim" wrote:

> we have seen marsupial ass kicked before...and we are witnessing marsupial 
> ass being currently
> whupped in Australia as we speak

Selected species, yes. But some are doing so well with placentals around
that they need to be culled. Around 10,000 grey kangaroos were recently
shot when they made an attempt to invade an army base (I kid you not -
they were attacking people!). Koala numbers are stripping forests bare
in some areas, and relocation just seems to spread the problem around.
There are calls for a controlled cull of brush-tail possums in suburban
areas - the very same animals that are creating havoc in New Zealand.
Platypus numbers are on the rise, and they are beginning to re-colonise
suburban and city waterways.

Some species have been hit hard by the placental invasion, but others
are thriving. It would take more than just a few up-start placentals to
completely eradicate marsupials. Just as I'm sure it would have taken
more than just one specific cause to eradicate non-volant dinosaurs, or
any specific group of animals for that matter.


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