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Re: An Odd Question on Tyrannosaurs.....

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Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2002 11:41 AM
Were their sterna articulated with, or in the proximity of, the coracoids?
In life, certainly.
These are the questions that make me curious. But anyway, I tend to think it's a sure thing that the rex apparently had something in-between those! ! coracoids. This is why in my mind, what is drawn by Mr. Paul for a rex is cartilaginous......
So that's what you mean, the "cartilaginous episternum" of (older) Paul reconstructions. The 1998 JVP paper on tyrannosaurid furculae has shown that there was nothing between the coracoids because the coracoids touched, that's the only thing furcula and sternum were broad enough for. There remains a bone-free triangle between sternum and coracoids, however; maybe a cartilaginous extension of the sternum was in there. That's also where Iguanodon's irregular "intersternal ossification" is.