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Re: Dinosaur crests (long)

>My question is this: Can crests like the Dilophosaurian ones collect heat<
No doubt it could collect heat, but the question is: is that what is was
designed for? If you look at modern animals, there is a wide variety of
display features present (chameleonism, horns, spikes, feathers, etc.), but
I don't know of any modern animals that have a physical structure solely for
the purpose of thermoregulation (elephant ears are used for display too).
Some ectothermic animals are dark and broad, in order to better collect
sunlight, and some are just the opposite (depending on climate). But
thermoregulatory adaptations tend to be whole body (in terrestrial
animals)...if a dinosaur like Dilophosaurus wanted to cool off, I don't
think those two little crests could do much to help...maybe if it was trying
to cool is brain down, but I am unaware of any animal today that has a
special device (external) to cool their cranium, including animals in much
warmer climates than that of Dilophosaurus.
It's probably more likely (in my opinion) that the crests of animals such as
Dilophosaurus, "Syntarsus" kayentakatae, and the like probably served a
display function. They are just too localized, and, in the case of the
smaller animals, probably wouldn't have been needed in the first place.
Does any of this make sense? I am unsure. It makes sense in my mind, so I
hope it comes across clear to you. Sorry I haven't replied earlier, Marco,
but you know how things go. Anyways, any comments, corrections, or criticism
is very much appreciated.

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