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Re: The roaches shall inherit the earth (was RE: (extinction))

Dann Pigdon wrote:

>  "Williams, Tim" wrote:

No, that wasn't me.  That was one of John Bois's posts.  I totally agree
with your sentiment on marsupial survival in the face of invading

> > we have seen marsupial ass kicked before...and we are witnessing
> > marsupial ass being currently whupped in Australia as we speak
> Selected species, yes. But some are doing so well with placentals around

Having once co-habited with a noisy brush-tail possum (who took up residence
in the roof), I can testify to the adaptability of this species to Sydney's
urban sprawl.

> There are calls for a controlled cull of brush-tail possums in suburban
> areas - the very same animals that are creating havoc in New Zealand.

Here, the brush-tails are a menace.  NZ would very much like to exterminate
this Aussie invader.

> Some species have been hit hard by the placental invasion, but others
> are thriving. It would take more than just a few up-start placentals to
> completely eradicate marsupials. Just as I'm sure it would have taken
> more than just one specific cause to eradicate non-volant dinosaurs, or
> any specific group of animals for that matter.

My sentiments entirely.

David Marjanovic wrote:

> > Falconimorphs eat Q babies. 
> Evidence for K falconiforms? 

Boluochiforms might have siezed such raptorial niches long before
falconiforms (or vulturids) came along.