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RE: Dinosaur crests (long)

Rob Gay wrote:

> It's probably more likely (in my opinion) that the crests of animals
> such as Dilophosaurus, "Syntarsus" kayentakatae, and the like probably 
> served a display function. 

I would agree - and this is perhaps true for the cranial ornamentation seen
in many other theropods.  However, those for theropods that have hollow or
pneumatic crests that opened into the skull, maybe the crests had an
additional thermoregulatory function.  Jaime, what's your opinion for

For the cranial structures of certain theropods, it's crossed my mind that
the orbital crests seen in carnosaurs and tyrannosaurs may have helped
prevent blood from getting into the eyes when the enormous head was tearing
into a carcass.