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RE: "Super rex"

The  size of the third Tyrannosaur is estimated at "some sixty feet" , this
would make it one very impressive predator, however the largest T-rex until
then was  i understand "Sue" and was an adult/mature animal at ?40 feet. Why
the size difference? could environmental factors be involved. Have there
been any other enigmatic finds of very large Tyrannosaurs made in the past?
                           Nick Oliver.

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> From: Nicholas Oliver [mailto:Nicholas.Oliver1@btopenworld.com]
> It is the Keith Rigby specimen from Glasgow,Montana.It was
> described as one
> of three specimens, the first a 80% complete T-rex, the second a
> fragmentary
> indet Tyrannosaur and the third ,"Super rex" represented by a "5-6 foot
> pubis", this gave an estimated size of" some sixty feet in length". The
> specimen was reported in the Dinosaur Society UK quarterly.
>         Nick Oliver.

Nicholas et omnia,

There is still no reason to suspect that any of these specimens are anything
other than _T. rex_.

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