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Re: Psittacosaurus queries

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Subject: Re: Psittacosaurus queries

>> Steve Brusatte wrote-
>> Also, in his 2001 paper Sereno only recognizes six species (he discounts
>> _P. sattayaraki_ and _P. mazongshanensis_ due to the paucity of both
>> material and any diagnostic characters).  However, I had once read (maybe
>> onlist) that seven species were recognized.  Sereno sees these as valid:
>> mongoliensis_, _P. sinensis_, _P. neimongoliensis_, _P. ordosensis_, _P.
>> xinjiangensis_, and _P. meileyingensis_.  Am I missing any valid species?
>> Of coures, some of the others (_P. osborni_, _P. tingi_, and _P.
>> guyangensis_ ) might be valid, but likely not.

> You forgot P. sibiricus (
> http://www.cmnh.org/dinoarch/2002Feb/msg00838.html ) and the nomen nudum
> "chaoyoungi" (which may be Chaoyangsaurus).  Have I ever mentioned I
> the habit of making taxa nomina dubia without extensive comparison? ;-)

And what about P. liangi?
I've found this apparently new Psittacosaurus species in a old file send me
by HP Tracy Ford, the information that I've is:
Genus: Psittacosaurus
Species: Psittacosaurus liangi Liu, 1999
Locality: Liaoning, China
Horizon: Late Jurassic/Early Cretaceous
Any new about it?????

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