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Re: Dino that hopped like a Kangaroo?

At p. 85 of the book "the flying dinosaurs" by Phil Currie and J. Sovak (1991 Discovery books by Red Deer College Press) you can see a painting of Jan Sovak showing a pack of Velociraptor hopping (richocheting...) like kangaroos...
In the caption it is written that the Mongolian paleontologist Perle Antangerel suggested a kangaroo-like locomotion for Velociraptor.

My fault, I purchased the book via mailorder bookstore misleaded by the short review and the name of the author....I thought it was more in depth, instead it was mainly targeted to "popular" audience (meaning someone who has nearly no knowledge about the topic). Now I prefer to have much more hints about a book before ordering it.....

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