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RE: "Super rex"

> From: Nicholas Oliver [mailto:Nicholas.Oliver1@btopenworld.com]
> Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2002 4:17 PM
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: RE: "Super rex"
> The  size of the third Tyrannosaur is estimated at "some sixty
> feet" , this
> would make it one very impressive predator, however the largest
> T-rex until
> then was  i understand "Sue" and was an adult/mature animal at
> ?40 feet. Why
> the size difference? could environmental factors be involved. Have there
> been any other enigmatic finds of very large Tyrannosaurs made in
> the past?
Do *NOT* trust these preliminary size estimates!!  They are not at all
certain, and indeed some of the reported measurements are not actually
larger than moderate sized specimens!!

When these specimens are cleaned, prepared, and studied, then we'll know
better the actual size of these individuals.

Furthermore, remember that we have only a moderate sample size of
individuals anyway. Even if  the size estimates are accurate, they might
only reflect the fact that most of the previous discoveries were not fully

And remember, please don't claim "enigma" when there is nothing enigmatic.
As with most dinosaurs, our population sample size for _T. rex_ is extremely
small (in fact, its better for it than for the majority of Mesozoic
dinosaurs!), so that we really do not have a statistically significant idea
of the actual size distribution of individuals at any given place at any
given point in this species duration.

Hope this helps,

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