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Re: Noasaurids (Re: Late Triassic Footprints with Reversed Hallux)

>   Lack of preservation doesn't mean it wasn't there, but the pes of
> *Velocisaurus* is slender enough to suggest reduction to three toes
> entirely.... All other "sickle-claw" theropods have a first toe, though,
> but this does not mean any noasaurid lacked it or possessed it. There may
> or may not always be a facet for articulation of the first metatarsal, as
> has been clear with problems of articulating a disarticulated first
> metatarsal.

Interesting ... so it's possible that there are other forms with reversed first
pedal digits, and we'd never know without an articulated specimen?
>   Why ceratosaur?

I was just tying to think of groups with aberrant feet. Maybe it's a
misperception, but it seems to me that theropod pedes are pretty uniform except
for noasaurids and certain coelurosaurs.
>   basal abelisaurs are:
>   *Quilmesaurus curriei*

Wasn't this described as a theropod of uncertain affinities?

>   *Genusaurus sisteronis* is a "ceratosaur" with features similar to basal
> ableisaurs. I will be covering this on my website ... with illustrations
> :).


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