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Re: "Super rex"

Nicholas Oliver wrote:

> The  size of the third Tyrannosaur is estimated at "some sixty feet" , this
> would make it one very impressive predator, however the largest T-rex until
> then was  i understand "Sue" and was an adult/mature animal at ?40 feet. Why
> the size difference? could environmental factors be involved. Have there
> been any other enigmatic finds of very large Tyrannosaurs made in the past?

There is UCMP 118742. A single bone (a tooth-bearing maxilla), it is not
known for certain if it is in fact _T. rex_, but it is 29% longer than
the equivalent bone from AMNH 5027 (in case you're not up on the
specimen numbers, 5027 is the skeleton most people think of when they
think of predatory dinosaurs -- the display specimen in the American
Museum of Natural History's Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs, formerly in
the Hall of Late Dinosaurs in a more artificial pose, which is how most
people probably remember it). Gregory Paul estimated in 1988 that
118742, in life, may have been 12 tonnes in mass and 13,6 m (about 45
ft) long. He also guesses that if 118742 is indeed _Tyrannosaurus rex_,
then all the other known big specimens may just be subadults, and it may
have been fairly common for _T. rex_ to get up to 15 tonnes, with an
occasional 20-tonne behemoth that would probably have been too rare for
us to ever find a fossil of it.