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When is a Year Not a Year?

From Archeology, July/August, 2002
Mammoth for Dinner, by Susan Kepecs
(with a Knight 1909 portrait of the main course):
(Radiocarbon years do not equal calendar years because the amount of radiocarbon in the atmosphere through time has not been constant; it varies as much as 15 percent, making radiocarbon time older or younger than calendar time.  In the case of Clovis, a radiocarbon age range of 11,000 to 11,600 years is actually about 13,000 to 13,500 calendar years.  All dates in this article are in radiocarbon years.)
And I wonder if the same ratio of difference (11,300/13,250) applies to all dates used.  Clarifies my mind.
Anyway, when we get substance-based dates for dinos, can I assume they are calendar years, or should I do an equivalent to my meters-to-feet conversion calculation?