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Re: Texas dinos

Acrocanthosaurus@aol.com wrote-

> how closely related is the Pluerocoelus to the Astrodon and the Africian
> dinosaur Malawisaurus?And is the Acrocanthosaurus more closely related to
> Spinosaurus or Allosaurus?

Pleurocoelus may be synonymous with Astrodon.  Both are possibly
indeterminate, Astrodon being based on teeth and Pleurocoelous being based
on a fragmentary juvenile skeleton.  They are basal titanosauriformes, close
to brachiosaurids, but perhaps closer to titanosaurids.  Malawisaurus is a
titanosaurid, perhaps a primitive member of the family.
Acrocanthosaurus is more closely related to Allosaurus than to Spinosaurus.
Unless Rauhut (2000) is right in saying the vertebrae of Spinosaurus belong
to an allosauroid, and only the jaws belong to what we call a "spinosaurid".
In that case, it's uncertain, but Rauhut's hypothesis has not been generally
accepted.  Even if Rauhut's right, Acrocanthosaurus wouldn't be a
"spinosaurid", which is probably the intent of your question.

Mickey Mortimer