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"Largest" Dino Find In British Columbia

Found this by entering "dinosaurs" as a search term on news.google.com
(which, interestingly enough, returned a hit on the Rolling Stones).


Prince George  Paleontologists have located the biggest find of dinosaur
bones in provincial history in a canyon in northeastern B.C.

So far 20 bones have been uncovered near the northern city of Tumbler
Ridge, said Dr. Charles Helm, a family physician and vice-president of the
Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation.
Some of the 95- to 97-million-year-old bones have been identified as
ornithopod, a term referring to dinosaurs with bird-like features, Dr.
Helm said.

"Twenty bones have been identified, with a potential to find 100 to 200,"
he said Friday. "I don't know if these are loose bones or an entire
skeleton, but I think you can bet on it, there are a lot more waiting to
be found out there."

Amateur paleontologist Wayne Sawchuk, of Chetwynd, made the discovery.
These bones appear to be of a slightly earlier geological era than
hadrosaurs uncovered in Alberta, said Bob Campbell, a paleontologist at
Exploration Place museum in Prince George with 14 years experience working
at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller.

The bones indicate the dinosaur was a two-legged creature that walked
upright, Mr. Campbell said.
Fossilized foot and tail tracks were found further down the canyon from
the site.