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Re: Juvie dinosaurs

--- "Williams, Tim" <TiJaWi@agron.iastate.edu> wrote:
> I'm trying to compile a list of all the juvenile theropod specimens that
> have been discovered to date.  Can anyone help?

For a start:

?_Alwalkeria maleriensis_ holotype (ISI R 306)

?_Archaeornithoides deinosauricus_ holotype

?_Bambiraptor feinbergorum_ holotype (more likely subadult)

_Coelophysis bauri_ referred material

_Compsognathus longipes_ holotype

_Dromiceiomimus samueli_ referred material

?_Eoenantiornis buhleri_ holotype

_Gallimimus bullatus_ referred material

?_Gorgosaurus libratus_ referred material (_G. sternbergi_ holotype)

?_Microvenator celer_ holotype

_Paronychodon lacustris_ referred material

_Scipionyx samniticus_ holotype

_Sinosauropteryx prima_ holotype

?_Tarbosaurus bataar_ referred material (_Gorgosaurus [Maleevosaurus]
novojilovi_ holotype [PIN 552-2], _Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis_ holotype,

_Timimus hermani_ referred material

_Tyrannosaurus rex_ referred material (?_Gorgosaurus [Nanotyrannus] lancensis_
holotype [CMNH 7541], "Tinker", _Aublysodon mirandus_ holotype & referred
material, _Aublysodon [Stygivenator] molnari_ holotype, ?TMM 41436-1)

_Velociraptor mongoliensis_ referred material

?_Coelurosauria_? innom. (Mongolia, Late Cretaceous)

_Enantiornithes_ innom. (Spain)

That's all the material that is specifically marked as juvenile (or possibly
juvenile) on my site. Note that my site currently excludes _Neornithes_ in such

Also of note: Individuals thought to be _Megapnosaurus [Syntarsus, Coelophysis]
kayentakatae_ juveniles are now thought to be adults of their own species
(a.k.a. the "Shake-N-Bake theropod").

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