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RE: New hominid (Nature article)

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Subject: New hominid (Nature article)

As mentioned earlier...

Brunet, M. et al. [actually about 40 more authors!] (2002).  A new hominid
from the Upper Miocene of Chad, Central Africa.  Nature 418: 145-151.

Names and describes _Sahelanthropus tchadensis_, based on a nearly complete
cranium (TM 266-01-060-1) and other material.  "_Sahelanthropus_ is the
oldest and most primitive known member of the hominid clade, close to the
divergence of hominids and chimpanzees.  Further analysis will be necessary
to make reliable inferences about the phylogenetic position of
_Sahelanthropus_ relative to known hominids.  One possibility is that
_Sahelanthropus_ is a sister group of more recent hominids, including

Brunet et al, yea, another 37 authors! I'm glad I don't include Cenozoic
mammals in my lists!

Important specimen though.

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