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RE: New finds

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I've already sent this to the list once, but that was several hours ago...

On Wed, 10 Jul 2002
>Jean-Michel Benoit wrote:
>> * a new fairly complete skeletton of a sauropod (72 My old, about 12m
>> long) found in the south of France (near Carcassonne). The reporter
>> calld it "an empelosaur(?)"

I would assume the reporter was indicating it was an "ampelosaur," and by
that meaning it can either be referred to _Ampelosaurus_ (or maybe even the
species _A. atacis_), or is a titanosaurid closely related to

This is assuming the reporter got his story right, or knew what he was
writing about, like that can really happen (unless it's from Jeff Hecht!
That's different). The press that calls Mammoths dinosaurs, and doesn't know
that granite can't have footprints or skeletal elements. I hold the press
lower than ..., well, you can fill in the blank...

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