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Re: Elliot in Australian Geographic?

Answering my own questions...

Dann Pigdon wrote:
> Does anyone happen to have the reference for the article on "Elliot" the
> sauropod in Australian Geographic magazine? It was supposed to be
> published around December 2001, but the source that said so seems to
> predate that time, and we all know how the best layed plans can go
> pear-shaped in the publishing world.

I've narrowed it down to issue 65, but would appreciate it if anyone has
a full ref (author, page numbers, etc)
> While on the subject of Aussie "brachiosaurs": Knoll et al 2000 mention
> a pers.comm from Molnar on an incomplete "Brachiosaurus sp" forelimb
> from Australia. The pers.comm is dated to 1997. "Elliot" was apparently
> discovered in 1999. Is there other sauropod material out there that is
> not being discussed (except by HP Molnar, that is)? Or have they their
> dates mixed up? The ref was:
> Knoll F., Colleté C., Dubus B.& Petit J.L. 2000 "On the presence of a
> sauropod dinosaur (Saurischia) in the Albian of Aube (France)".
> Geodiversitas 22 (3):389-394.

Since the only forelimb elements for Elliot are a partial manus, found
within the last month, I'm guessing the partial forelimb is another
individual. I'm pretty sure HP Molnar isn't talking about the
Austrosaurus sp specimens, since they've been around since 1959 and
nobody's suggested them to be "Brachiosaurus sp" (although the robust
metacarpals have been described as vaguely brachiosaur-like). Therefore
Molnar's "brachiosaur" can't be "Elliot", but perhaps another specimen.

I'm sure someone must know for sure, but perhaps they're deliberately
discussing it (despite the fact it's been mentioned in the above

Yeah, I know... wait for the (other) damn paper.


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