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Moroccan noasaurid?

While revising my theropod file, I came across "bone taxon A" of Russell 1996.  This is based on two skull roofs (NMC 50807- frontals and parietals; NMC 50807- frontals) from the Albian Gres Rouges Infracenomaniens of Morocco.  They are rather small (frontal lengths of 50 mm and 65 mm), but firmly coossified.  What intrigued me was the fact there is a sagittal crest on the parietals.  This character is otherwise only known in abelisaurids, "Alas.... er "Chilantaisaurus" maortuensis :-) , tyrannosaurids and some more derived coelurosaurs.  Comparing it to Troodon indicated the cerebral hemispheres were much smaller, suggesting this is not a coelurosaur.  Although rather small and elongate for an abelisaurid, the fact noasaurids are closely related (and have unknown frontals), of similar size and are also known from Africa (Masiakasaurus) makes me ponder a noasaurid affinity for the taxon.  The humerus NMC 41873 also resembles Masiakasaurus in general proprtions and may derive from the same taxon.  Any thoughts?
Reference- Russell, D.A. 1996. Isolated dinosaur bones from the Middle Cretaceous of the Tafilalt, Morocco. Bulletin du Muse'um national d'Histoire naturelle (4e se'r.) 18:349-402.
Mickey Mortimer