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Re: Protungulatum index; pterosaur finger.

David Marjanovic wrote:

> Just as passerines keep albatrosses from flying during the day -- oops...

I wish I'da thought to say that.

> Why "less thrust"?
> Azhdarchids had powerful flapping abilities.

Yeah, I agree.  The muscle attachment markings on the big ones are a wonder to

> > Hoplelessly clumsy pterosaur walkers--
> Wrong. There was a beautiful paper on the tracks called *Pteraichnus* --
> pterosaurs were pretty fast and elegant walkers. -- You're assuming that
> azhdarchids nested on the ground. Is any evidence for or against known?

Not that I know of, but that ain't proof either way.  Though I have a hard time
visualising a really big pterosaur that can stand flat-footed on the ground and
reach his snout 20 some-odd feet into the air sitting in the average tree.  On
the other hand, he would be able to fly fast enough that he could afford to
travel quite a way to go grocery shopping, so he may have nested in areas
inaccessible to at least some of his predators.  All very speculative, in my