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Re: New finds

In a message dated 7/11/02 7:15:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 

dino.hunter@cox.net writes:

<< Or is the public so blasay that they don't care? Give them 
sports and a 
beer and that's all they need?  >>

What kind of beer?

Using a program that checks all 4 of my e-mail accounts, I looked 
at the threads progressing onlist while waiting for the Slate 
home page to download.  I clicked Dinogeorge's comment, and after 
the Slate page was complete, a Flash-generated car drove across 
the page leaving skid marks and making a loud roaring sound.

Point is the noise, clutter, and convenient distractions around. 
 There's competition for attention when interest by the reader 
is marginal.

I was about to go offline and read Dred by Harriet Beecher Stowe, 
which is proving enjoyable, and which is shown by text reader 
software written to imitate a book as closely as possible.  And 
then play a Vivaldi mandolin concerto from my hard drive.
High (later), middle, low culture is all mixed and available 
when something more than distraction is required.

What is science reporting?  Serious analysis or interesting distraction? 
 I study some reports closely, others just for a few facts to 
know what happened.
So, not just sports, and not only because people don't care. 
 There's too much to care about.  That's the context for what 
happens to science writing. 


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