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Some Questions

I was wondering if anyone has the following information available....
Specimen numbers for Agnosphitys and exact age for Cromhall Quarry where it was found.  I'm guessing Carnian, but.....
"Luanpingosaurus jingshanensis" is attributed to Cheng (Wang 1986).  That suggests to me it may be a new genus for a species described by Wang in 1986.  Another possibility is that Wang attributes the species to Chang without a specific reference.  Does anyone (I'm looking your way Tracy) have Wang 1986 to clear this up?
Horizon, locality and specimen numbers of Paleosaurus cylindrodon.
Which of Hunt's unpublished taxa "Revueltoraptor" is.  Randall Irmis says it's an unpublished name for Gojirasaurus, but the remains aren't those of the Gojirasaurus holotype at least.
Mickey Mortimer