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Re: God bless the media

At 7:54 AM -0500 7/12/02, James Farlow wrote:
The biggest newspaper in the state did a story on our work that was
published July 7th.  I spent an afternoon with the reporter, showing him
the fossils and explaining their significance.  I felt pretty good about
the way the interview went, and when I saw the story, it was pretty
good.  The headline, however, read:

Sinkhole Exposes a Path to State's Paleolithic Past

Normally newspaper headlines are not written by the person who writes the story, but by a headline writer skilled in invoking what they think the story means in a very limited space and getting right words to fit there. They are remarkably successful much of the time. The howlers come when they aren't. Sounds like everything this headline writer knew came from The Flintstones. -- Jeff Hecht