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RE: "Elaphrosaurus" gautieri identified as an ......

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

> Holotype- cervical vertebra (80 mm), two dorsal vertebrae (70 mm, 80
> mm), posterior dorsal vertebra (50 mm), three sacral vertebrae, three
> caudal vertebrae (80-85 mm), humerus (200 mm), distal pubis, distal
> femur, partial tibia, partial fibula, four metatarsal ends, partial
> pedal phalanx 
> Referred- ulna (300 mm)

Does the ulna bear a well-developed olecranon process?  This is referred
material, so it may not have much bearing on the affinities of the holotype.
(You know how it goes with those Continental Intercalaire fossils...)

> The humerus, though missing its middle portion, is quite short (10 cm
> wide proximally by 20 cm long).  

An obvious question, and I don't mean to sound facetious: if the middle
portion is missing, how do you know how long/short the humerus is?

_E. gautieri_ an alvarezsaur?  Very intriguing...