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2002 Paper of note

Ilan Eshel, Emilia Sansone, Frans Jacobs, 2002. A long-term genetic model for the evolution of sexual preference: the theories of Fisher and Zahavi re-examined. Jour. Mathematical Biology 45(1):1-21.
For over 30 years in Erets Yisroel, Ilan has methodically been revising and amalgamating often conflicting theories of macroevolutionary processes (sexual preferences, extinctions, predator-prey models, etc.). It has long been hoped he will eventually present a book of his conceptualizations -- he is, needless to say, privately fascinated with dinosaur systematics as an observor, and has written an interesting chapter in his unpublished book-to-be on evolutionary theories easily adaptable to dinosaurs.  His newest paper, with long-time collaborators, Emilia Sansone and Frans Jacobs, is pregnant with nuances, Zahavi's Handicap Principle illustrating how females in social groups remain "stable" and opt for the showy displays (costly on several levels, as they discuss) of males. And yet, in polygenous populations, as they point out, Fisher's "sexy son" hypothesis is an important component of Zahavi's paradigms.
This disciplined paper, taken in conjunction with inferred behavioural strategies of pre-K/T dinosaurs and extant avialian dinosaurs, is a "gold-mine", as it were.