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Fw: Ampelosaurus news

Just got this here... for French speakers:

> On the French museum website:
> http://dinomania.free.fr/archives/chrono2002.html#10_07_2002
> Friendly - Aspidel
> ps: I've currently unsubscribed.

Contains much more than *Ampelosaurus*, e. g. *Atlasaurus*, and 2 paragraphs
about Chicxulub where they call SO2 a greenhouse gas. :-)

"I suspect this species of avian theropod has crapped on more intruding
hominid heads than all other birds combined"
Possible, but in Italy (Florence at least) the pigeons probably surpass
them. (Austrian pigeons somehow never aim at people, even though nothing
else can escape them where there are enough of them. ~:-| )
Over here blackbirds are said to mimic cell phones. Even though blackbirds
prefer to sing their own tunes.
I can't remember Michael Jackson having been in the news either. :-P But I
never pay much attention to what's called "culture" over here.