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Re: 'Toumaï' - Man or Gorilla?

> See this article at:
> http://www.msnbc.com/news/779463.asp?0dm=T14MT

>From the standpoint of someone who was trained as a physical anthropologist,
this is exactly the kind of healthy exchange you expect to see when this
kind of discovery is made.  As with newly discovered dinosaurs, the
phylogenetic relationships of a new species like this will take time to be
understood, if they ever are.  My first reaction on looking at the
illustrations in the Nature article was to say, "Hmmm...  Looks like a chimp
to me."  However, if you are indeed looking at a possible common ancestor,
you expect to see shared morphological features.

This type of discussion will go on for years, and we will all gain from it.
Too bad the Other crowd (you know, them C******ists) will take it as yet
another example of how those "scientists" can't even agree what they have...

I think this is a major step forward, and whether it ends up being a pongid
or a hominid, it will shed light on what was going on in a time period that
was, until very recently, a foggy grey void.

Wes Copas