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Overlooked 2001 Publication/SVP/Reply to Qilongia

     Apologies accepted. I do not accept "Carnosauria" as a valid taxon -- as yet. There are a plethora of taxa whose affinities are in flux, primarily because of convergences in a number of character traits. For example, I would position Coelophysis and its allies outside of Ceratosauria, with Ceratosaurus and abelisaurs as sister taxa to Tetanurae. I would, also, place Megalosauridae within Avetheropoda (Megalosaurus = Torvosaurus, Eustreptospondylus, Metriacanthosaurus, Poecilopleuron, Gasosaurus?, Piatnitzkysaurus?), with the "spinosaurs" as a closely related group. Although it would create enormous taxonomic headaches, I believe it possible Allosaurus and Streptospondylus and Neovenator could be synonymized. We are, of course, speaking of taxa still in need of robust, cladistic analyses, hampered, in part, by ! th! ! e fact, a genus may be known by one (often variably incomplete) specimen. I have, within the past 2 years, e.g., seen various classifications, shifting names and positions of taxa, as all of us are familiar with. The problem is that we have no mitochondrial DNA and PCR results accessible -- only bones...and our imaginations.