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Re: Moroccan noasaurid?

Nick Longrich wrote-

> I'm still really skeptical of "Noasauridae". The thing is, the cervical
> neural arches assigned to Noasaurus have anterior prongs of the
> epipophyses, a character which is absolutely unique in theropoda except
> for abelisaurids like Carnotaurus; it isn't seen in Masiakasaurus. This
> feature seems to imply that Noasaurus is a small relative of
> Carnotaurus. That and Noasaurus also hails from Argentina so it may be
> simpler to assume it's related to Carnotaurus rather than something in
> Madagascar.

While I am also skeptical of a Noasauridae (I think Noasaurus, Velocisaurus,
Masiakasaurus and probably Ligabueino are related; and Elaphrosaurus and
Chuandongocoelurus are related; but how exactly to each other and
abelisaurids, I don't know), your epipophyseal character is weakened by the
fact that Majungatholus lacks these processes (though Aucasaurus has them).
Carnotaurus and Majungatholus share a few characters not present in
Noasaurus- shortened snout; external sculpturing of cranial elements;
quadratojugal and quadrate fused.  But it's always possible Noasaurus is a
carnotaurine I suppose....

> re: Ornitholestes having a parietal crest, yeah as best I can tell
> Ornitholestes does have a sagittal crest on the parietals so this seems
> to be typical of many coelurosaurs.

Good.  More confirmation that coding is accurate.

Mickey Mortimer