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Several more questions

Hi, it's me again to bother you guys with more questions...

1) Which formation is 'Stegoceras' lambei known from?
2) What sort of environment was the Western Interior Seaway like? Was it tropical or temperate? My view has always been that of tropical lagoons, coral reefs & atolls from the Gulf northwards. North of Alberta, the coastline would be full of kelp forests and temperate rocky reefs, much like the coasts of California. Even further north, the rocky reefs would be replaced by somewhat more frigid waters, something like the coasts of Washington to Southern Alaska. How likely is this? And were there any coral reefs in the Late Cretaceous like those of today?
3) Is there any evidence to show that different groups of animals preferred different regions of the Seaway? I have heard of evidence that Hesperornithids & Elasmosaurs preferred temperate waters, that mosasaurs preferred coastlines & polycotylids preferring open water. Or is this all guesswork?
4) Is Tsintaosaurus a hadrosaurine or lambeosaurine?
5) What sort of environment was predominant in the various regions of Late Cretaceous North America? I asked this question a while back, and I guess I was too exhausted and my words weren't properly phrased. Basically, I'm asking about the general climate & vegetation of places like the Judith River, Hell Creek, Two Medicine, Horseshoe Canyon, Kirtland, Fruitland, Lance, Javelina, Woodbuury & all the other formations. I'm looking for information like: What sort of climate was it? Mild, temperate or subtropical? Arid or wet? Swampy, forested or plains? Seasonal or otherwise? What was the predominant type of vegetation? etc etc.
6) I need information regarding the stratigraphy of the various North American mosasaurs & plesiosaurs.

Any help with the above would be very useful. Thanks!

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