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Re: Several more questions

>>What sort of environment was the Western Interior Seaway like? Was it
tropical or temperate...[goes on to describe several environments]<<
Ahh, remember that this sea was always pretty shallow.  Most of the modern day
environments you compare the Interior Sea to are fairly deepwater (for instance,
California's coast runs parallel to a very deep trench).  Think shallow, think
warm, think continental shelf.

>>What sort of environment was predominant in the various regions of Late
Cretaceous North America?<<
Check "Hell Creek Faunal Facies" by HP Phillip Bigelow.  Do an internet search
using those words and you'll find it.  It's a list of all the organisms (both
animals and plants) from the very-late-K Hell Creek Formation.  By looking at
the kinds of animals (and more importantly) plants that lived in the
environment, you can form your own conclusions.