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Re: R: theropod crests

Yes, I've seen Dan's painting (in fact, I was one of the first), although I'm not too sure what sort of reference he used. I'm trying to "go to the source," so to speak, and not use second-hand material. That said, John Conway was kind enough to send me some photos he had of the back of the crest.
Thanks, Filippo.


From: "calzola" <calzola@iol.it>
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Subject: R: theropod crests
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 23:20:21 +0200

Hi Jordan,
this may not be exactly what you were asking for (guess you wanted skeletal
reconstructions) , but you may find a painting by list member Daniel Bensen
to be quite informative on the overall shape of the crest of C. ellioti
(assuming it's correctly restored, which i think it is, since Headden's
description of the structure made me think of a similar shape);
the picture in question should be easily accessible via Daniel's site (it
depicts a couple of "Cryos" ).


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From: Jordan Mallon
Subject: theropod crests

> Good weekend, all...
> Although _Cryolophosaurus_ and _Monolophosaurus_ are both known for their
> odd cranial crests, I have yet to see a reconstruction of either of their
> crests in anything but lateral view. Have any images of the crests been
> published in anterior view, preferably? It's hard to get a feeling for
> their shape and size in only one dimension.
> Thanks,
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