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looking for english (usa) translation of book "dinosauri italiani"

Dear all,

I trust in your kind advice on the following matter.
>Last november I published in Italy a book on the
Italian dinosaurs ("Dinosauri italiani", Marsilio
Editore, 260 pp.). 
It is written in a popular but rigorous language and  
deals with the discovery of scipionyx, the
"saltriosaur" , the Trieste hadrosaurs and many
tracksites, most of them pretty new, and it contains
plenty of informations, photos and figures. Indiana
University Press is
>interested in an USA Edition, but asked me to
>translate its 260 pp. at my expenses...French and
German Editors are also waiting for.

>Do you maybe know someone who, for mere love for
>science or for a cheap payment, could be available
for at least a "sample" of one chapter, to be
translated from Italian to the above mentioned

>Thank you everybody for any reply and suggestion


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