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Having just received my copy of the latest JVP in the mail today, I've
decided to throw a couple of comments out, concerning it, mostly related to
_Aucasaurus_ (not because of a lack of interest in things like the
_Fabrosaurus_ skull, but because I have questions concerning it).
Are caudals 5-6 fused (pathologically?), an error in the printing...or does
one caudal have two neural spines (I've seen an example of this in
_Maiasaura_)? I'm somewhat confused, and the text doesn't appear to say.
And while the text states that the tail is probably highly abbreviated, the
skeletal reconstruction shows a tail length that seems "normal", and doesn't
seem to fit with the rapid size decrease in caudal centra.
And finally, I'm wondering what size this critter would be, seeing as how
its "30% smaller" than _Carnotaurus_...anyone know/have a guess?
Thanks in advance...

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