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Zallinger Dinosaur Art

       Back in 1963 the Brooke Bond Tea Company issued a series of dinosaur 
collector's cards featuring paintings by Rudolph Zallinger. They have since 
become very desirable collector's items. Most of the original paintings have 
been purchased by collector David Hart. He has a website showing most of the 
card designs and has included three actual-size scans of Zallinger's 
paintings of  Gorgosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Stegosaurus. The other 
reproductions are very small, but you will get an idea if you haven't seen 
the actual cards. The paintings were commissioned by the National Wildlife 
Federation, oddly enough. Go here to see them:
       The actual cards are reproduced at this website where you can see that 
Hart's collection is missing some notable theropods:
       They certainly are a lovely series of paintings that deserve 
reproduction in spite of some of the cobwebs hanging about their antiquated 
dinosaurian concepts. DV