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Re: Zallinger Dinosaur Art

Thanks for posting these URL's Dan!  I've often wondered what happened to
the original art from the teacard series. Rudy Zallinger's work was the
single, most compelling influence in my developing an interest in dinosaurs
( as a kid ) and ultimately a career as a paleo artist.  Since 1963-64 I'd
had 46 out of 48 of the cards when they were originally released and
literally bugged the hell out of my parents to buy a box of Red Rose tea
each week so I could collect them all.  Although they liked drinking tea,
this was a little bit of overkill for them.  As they regularly shopped at
one particular grocery store, several of the girls who worked there as
cashiers began collecting cards on my behalf, so I amassed them in record
time.  Two of the cards, Kritosaurus and Camptosaurus had eluded me however
and after several years, the covers to the collectors album were lost,
although I retained the insides of it. Several years back, I had the
oppportunity to go to New Haven and see the full size "Age of Reptiles"
mural Zallinger had painted and had hoped to meet him while there.
Unfortunately, he was in poor health as he had been diagnosed with cancer
and I elected not to attempt a visit him, at that time. I did however spend
some time with Brian Franczak, who in fact happened to have the 2 cards I
was missing from my set, as well as a collector's album with covers intact,
and who very generously gave them to me!  So after 30+ years of searching, I
finally had completed the search for an entire set of Red Rose dinosaur
teacards.  As you point out, over the years the anatomy has been subject to
some fundamental changes, but the vibrancy and life depicted in the artwork,
that were the result of Rudolph Zallinger's vision and artistic skill are
hard to match, even by today's standards!

Michael Skrepnick
Paleo Artist
Visit my Website:

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>        Back in 1963 the Brooke Bond Tea Company issued a series of
> collector's cards featuring paintings by Rudolph Zallinger. They have
> become very desirable collector's items. Most of the original paintings
> been purchased by collector David Hart. He has a website showing most of
> card designs and has included three actual-size scans of Zallinger's
> paintings of  Gorgosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Stegosaurus. The other
> reproductions are very small, but you will get an idea if you haven't seen
> the actual cards. The paintings were commissioned by the National Wildlife
> Federation, oddly enough. Go here to see them:
>        http://www.mybrookebond.com/artwork.html
>        The actual cards are reproduced at this website where you can see
> Hart's collection is missing some notable theropods:
>        http://www.teacard.com/images/colage05.jpg
>        They certainly are a lovely series of paintings that deserve
> reproduction in spite of some of the cobwebs hanging about their
> dinosaurian concepts. DV