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Re: Zallinger Dinosaur Art

In a message dated 7/17/02 5:06:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
palaeopaint@dinosaursinart.com writes:

<< Rudy Zallinger's work was the
single, most compelling influence in my developing an interest in dinosaurs
( as a kid ) and ultimately a career as a paleo artist.  >>

       I'm glad you enjoyed that site, Mike. I can sometimes feel the 
Zallinger influence in your work. Your Tylosaurus in particular seems to be 
swimming in a Rudy sea below Zallinger clouds. His water scenes were always 
       I tried with no success to get the 60's Sinclair dinosaur stamps 
painted by Paul Calle, who went on to paint mountain men and the old west. 
Coincidentally, my intro to the Zallinger cards was Brian Franczak also. He 
sent me a color xerox of the complete set. Do you know what his media was for 
these paintings? DV