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Elephants May Sense Seismic Vibrations Through Their Feet


 Elephants may be listening to and communicating with each other through
 their feet.

 Recent research by US scientists supports previous claims that elephants
 can interpret slight vibrations they pick up in the ground.

 Speaking to BBC World Service, Stanford University biologist Caitlin
 O'Connell-Rodwell, said: "For people who have spent time studying
 elephants, this is a relief. 
 She believes the animals pick up tiny tremors from a variety of sources
 - thunder from distant rain storms, animals stampeding or stomping their
 feet and the low pitched calls made by other elephants.

 "We are focusing on the idea that elephants may be able to detect seismic
 vibrations through the earth," explained fellow researcher Lynette Hart,
 from University of California, Davis. 

The first thing this reminded me of was sauropods...