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Liaoning Fossil Exhibit In UK


Remarkable fossil remains of feathered dinosaurs - perhaps the ancestral
cousins of modern birds - are being shown in the West for the first time.
Chinese museums have now been persuaded - for the first time - to allow
some of their treasures to leave the country. 

The Natural History Museum in London, UK, is mounting an exhibition of
several important fossil specimens from Liaonging Province, including the
"fuzzy raptor", described as the most convincing evidence yet of the link
between birds and dinosaurs.
Dr Angela Milner, the associate keeper of palaeontology at the Natural
History Museum, said: "The fuzzy raptor is the final piece of the jigsaw
puzzle - it has primitive feathers and proper feathers. 
Other small, feathered dinosaurs will be on display, including the
Sinosauropteryx, a meat-eater with a downy coat, and Changchanornis, a
fully feathered dinosaur which may have moved in flocks. 

The museum is putting one of its own treasures on view, too: a fossil of
Archaeopteryx, the earliest known bird, which was discovered in a German
quarry in 1861. 
The exhibition runs at the Natural History Museum from Thursday 18 July to
May 2003.