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seismic sauropds: correction

      My apologies to W. Tecumseh Fitch for not typing his last name in my haste to communicate to the List. I should note that, sometime this year or early next, W. Tecumseh Fitch and Marc Hauser have a major paper appearing in the A. Simmons et al. Springer-Verlag volume Acoustic Communication, Unpacking "honesty": vertebrate vocal production and the evolution of acoustic signals. This paper, which I drew from in parts of my note to the List, is the "backbone", as it were, of several interpolations in a chapter-in-progress in my book Alfred Russel Wallace's KING KONG. Their bibliography touches most of the primary studies, which can be supplemented with the pioneering work of L. Witmer, Greg Paul et al. on biomechanics and physiology. The Espark/Amundsen/Rosenqvist Animal Signals volume is useful, also, as is the work being done by Kathy Payne et al. at Cornell on elephants.